KH2 Riku stole the Keyblade to My Heart (crimsonrhapsody) wrote in xoxoparakiss,
KH2 Riku stole the Keyblade to My Heart

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Hi everyone, I'm Kam to most (even to you!) and I'm the newbie of the community, I guess.
Let's see- I was the one who got into paradise kiss in my little circle of anime friends first and now, everytime we read a new book of it, we end up raiding our closets for something to wear. Suddenly, jeans and a t-shirt don't seem to go right together after watching the parakiss team work (lol).
My friend Matt is having a lolita-wear party for his sweet sixteen (think of him as our resident Isabella). I hope I'll be able to post pictures of us if anyone minds.
Well, I think that's it. Thanks for letting me join.
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Oh! Pictures, pictures, we want pictures!