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shameless advertising

hi, i've been an avid fan of paradise kiss for just about one month now. i was an exchange student in japan last year and was stuck in an almost-all girls' school where my classmates were hooked on yazawa ai stuff, which is how i first heard of her work. didn't get to read parakiss until i got back, though; picked up volume one in barnes & noble in early july and have been hooked ever since. ordered volumes 1-3 on and 5 later on but promised not to read it 'til i finished volume 4. it took me the entire month to find #4 'coz for some odd reason it was sold out in the 20+ bookstores i looked in, and i even raided the otakon dealers' room for it ;_; finally found it, though, and am very pleased with the results. ^_^

anyway, here's some shameless advertising for a new parakiss community, yaza_arts! i created it with the intention of setting up an rpg blogring and cosplay club based on fashions found in the manga. anyone interested? if so, please join. (i'd also love to find the people whose icons i inadvertently stole... i know they're on this community somewhere... >_<)

[sorta x-posted to parakiss]

btw, how did the designer get the outline effect in this layout? i like it a lot. <3
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